With out further-a-do our next Fort Worth Emergent Cohort Gathering is here ! On Saturday November 29th we will be meeting at the Ginger Man Pub in Fort Worth @ 1 p.m. The Ginger Man is located at 3716 Camp Bowie Boulevard. We know it is the weekend after turkey day, and it is the day after black Friday, but that is how we roll at the Fort Worth Cohort! We will be talking about the organization Trade As One. Trade As One is a fare trade organization that helps provide jobs in poor stricken countries. To know about them please watch the brief youtube video.

Know that Ginger Man does have food you can partake in if you want. So, come hungry, come thirsty, and come ready to hang out and meet some like minded folks. If you have any questions please feel free to email Phil or call the Eucatastrophe @ 612-226-0127.